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Find the best student founders out there. In the past, gC associates have gone on to work for top Consulting, IB, and VC firms including Mckinsey & Co., Bain & Company, Avendus Capital, JP Morgan, Nomura, and Antler and one even started a company and raised $300k for their startup from a top VC. Some have also received MBA offers from Yale, Wharton, and IIMs.

What we're looking for

We operate in a space where there are no benchmarks for reference. As a consequence, we very often use first principles thinking to find answers. We expect the same from the associates. We are looking for associates to join us during the academic year and gain real experience in Venture Capital. It will be a part-time commitment of at least 8 months which you can balance along with your academics. The program commences in October every year.

An ideal candidate would be someone who is optimistic, puts himself/ herself/ themselves out there to connect with founders and has strong writing and communication skills. The student’s academic major or CGPA does not matter to us as much.


  • Identify capable teams. This makes up the most important part of the stint - this includes filtering and decision making mechanisms to determine the best talent. Moreover, work with startups to understand their vision, mission, and operating model.  
  • Think analytically, conduct research and work on Investment Committee Memos alongside Partners which will be read by top industry leaders.
  • Build and maintain a network of alumni, startups, and mentors across colleges
  • Work with other ambitious associates on projects and therefore build a career support system

perks & benefits

We incentivise associates with a success fee on every startup they find that we invest in. Moreover, we have a yearly company sponsored associate offsite somewhere in the hills that most of our associates attend. Of course, there are ad-hoc meet-ups in and around various cities.

Fill in the application form.

1) Tell us about 3 students who are founders or have entrepreneurial traits and may start a company soon. 2 from your college and 1 from another.

2) Tell us about 3 founders who have dropped out from college or have recently graduated (last 3 years).

For any of the parts (1 or 2), tell us traits that you think founders usually have and then rank these founders on how investible they are. We are looking for 2 things: the quality of traits you identify and if you are able to evaluate a situation objectively. Founders shouldn’t have raised capital. Please share any weblink/ founders' LinkedIn for us to have any social proof.
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