Atomic Fellowship

$5,000 no-strings-attached grant for students who want to work on science & engineering projects. Projects that can change the world.
We want to give you $5,000 to start a technical college club, compete in a global science competition, or collaborate on a hardware project with friends and professors. Even if it seems like a small step, history shows that small yet bold actions often lead to significant impact. Just like an atom's role in the universe—small but capable of tremendous change.

There’s a promise of science that’s unfulfilled. It’s spoken in research labs, text books, and movies. It’s the irrational, impatient, and passionate student who will discover and bring the science we need.

The Atomic Fellowship comes with an option of an additional $40k investment by gradCapital.
Funded Projects

Who all are eligible to apply?

School students, college students, dropouts, graduates (< 2 years after graduation). You can also apply as a group of students.

What are the terms for the $5K grant?

There are no terms and conditions for the grant.

Do you provide tech credits?

All grant winners have access to $1M+ worth of tech credits.