Students change

the world

Sometimes you obsess over a project so much that you lose sleep over it and can’t attend classes. That project could change the world. gradCapital gives $40k to outliers like you.
It starts by being a rebel.
By being an irrational optimist.
By being an underdog.
By building with friends.

And then you find your break.
Then it all seems worth it.

At gC, you receive $40K in funding, and become part of our 4-week cohort
gradCapital cohort
Founders we fund come to Bangalore for 4 weeks and participate in closed room conversations with some of the best.

They are like the seniors you've never had.
Cohort Network
  Cohort Network  

Atomic Fellowship

$5,000 no-strings-attached grant for students who want to work on their dream science & engineering projects. Projects that can potentially change the world, and fulfil the promise of science.

Feather Grants

Fastest way to receive ₹15,000 for your next idea.
Inc 42
Economic Times
Business Standard

Who all are eligible to apply?

School students, college students, dropouts, graduates (< 2 years after graduation).

What are the terms for the $40K investment?

gC takes 4% equity by investing $40K.

Do you provide tech credits?

Yes, we provide $5K AWS credits to anyone who applies on our website. Moreover, all our portfolio companies have access to $1M+ worth of tech credits.

Do you have any equity free programs?

Yes, we run Atomic Fellowship and Feather Grants.