Feather Grants

Fastest way to receive ₹15,000 for your next idea.

We're offering an ₹15,000 grant for students to bring their ideas to life - no strings attached. We want to encourage you to go after your newest and freshest ideas, and support you in the process.

The project can be anything that sets your heart racing - from a short film to a science experiment, from going to a national dance competition to archiving local history. Don't wait, take the leap and get your project rolling.


Who all are eligible to publish an idea?

School and college students.

What are the terms for the ₹15,000 grant?

There are no terms and conditions for the grant.

What do we expect from you when you submit the idea for a grant?

To qualify for a grant, we expect you to show us that you've got a handle on your project and some solid ideas for how to move it forward. We're not looking for perfection - we just want to see that you're thinking ahead and have a plan in place.

Do we only fund concepts that could be developed into a business?

While a business idea is certainly cool, this grant is more about helping you make your current idea a reality - whether or not it's a business. It's about helping you bring your vision to life, and making it happen in the real world.

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