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We read each application at least twice. We would like to have you keep your answers really short and to the point. This doesn't mean you remove the essence of your problem statement. If you don't have a pitch deck, you can upload a one pager blurb. We really just look for a few things in your application: passion, clarity, and hints of bias to action. Here is a short guide to help you fill this application form. You can find multiple example answers to each question below. How did you all meet? #1 We are all from the same college, and we teamed up for a major course project. #2 We met at a hackathon and worked together on a micro SaaS product. How long has each of you been working on this? Have you been working part time or full time? #1 - I have been working full time for the last 5 months. My co-founder, who joined 3 months ago, has a job ending 3 weeks from now, post which he will be working full time as well. #2 - I have been working for the last 3 months, and will be graduating next year. My co-founder who has also been working with me since the very start will be graduating in the coming month and work full-time. What problem are you trying to solve? #1 School & college students have a lot of aspirations and out of the box ideas but often get no visibility or financial support to build a solid start-up. #2 Electric vehicles are being adopted worldwide, yet most vehicle parking locations are not ready for it - they all lack EV charging points. How big is the problem? #1 2 out of 3 millennials don’t know how to cook, and spend over INR 20,000/month just on meals. (Total urban millennials: 100m) #2 One third of all products ordered online get returned, leading to a loss of around INR 50/product. What is it that you are building? #1 A 10 minute grocery delivery platform. #2 An application that helps young adults make better decisions in wealth, health, and career. Any revenue/ users. Please quantify. #1 As of September 2022, we have 1500 users paying INR 250/month and 8,000 users are on our freemium plan. Our weekly user growth rate went from 7% to 23% from June through September. #2 We have onboarded 12 B2B clients in the last quarter, out of which 3 of them are paying us $100/month. #3 We don’t have users or revenue as of now. What we do have is an active community of 20,000 members on our discord.

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