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Who all are eligible?

School-going students, college students, dropouts, graduates (< 2 years after graduation), and PhD students!

My company is not registered yet. Can I still apply?


I have already raised some money. Am I eligible?


Should I apply to eher or gradCapital?

You can apply to both if you fit the eligibility criteria

We are working on a non-profit idea. Can non-profit companies participate?

Not as of now, but we’ll open for non profits soon :)

You have invested in a competitor of mine, will you still invest?

Definitely, we back founders more than ideas :D


What do you look at while shortlisting founders?

We look at 3 things: founders' hustle, their market understanding, and the product/ service they want to build.

What is the selection process?

Click on the Apply button. After you've submitted the application, you wait! If your application is selected, you will be invited to a short call.

I made a mistake while filling my application. How should I go about rectifying it?

Send us an email with the required corrections at

I am a single founder. Does it reduce my chances of getting shortlisted?

Not at all! It’s about the quality not quantity :)

How long does it take for you to get back to us?

2 weeks. Max.

What is your investment philosophy? 

We are agnostic. We genuinely feel the stories about our future should be in the control of entrepreneurs rather than our market thesis.


How much do you invest?`

We invest $25,000 in select start-ups. We support start-ups through our 8-week long intensive program and work alongside them throughout the year.

How much equity do you take?

4%, with standard terms and conditions.

Any fees or hidden costs?

No fees and/ or hidden costs, we promise. Except for the ones that you anyway have to incur - ~$650 for compliance & legal cost to close the transaction.

We don't really need funding for now. Does it still make sense to apply?

gradCapital is more than just the $25,000 cheque. We are not about just holding equity in your company. We provide you with resources to be successful. You can speak to any of us to understand more.

Do you only invest in batches?

Not at all, we invest all year round!


What are the different elements of a cohort?

We’ll be very straightforward, no bs:

→ Keynote sessions (Meet CXOs of the biggest companies out there)

→ Knowledge sessions (Get ready to receive the most brutal advice)

→ $1.5 Million worth of tech credits (To carry you to the next level!)

What are the different elements of a cohort? Continued

→ Peer-to-peer sessions (We are promoters of the co-working culture)

→ Demo day (Time to raise the next round)

→ Hiring (Don’t worry, we got you covered here as well)

How many cohorts are there in a year?

We organise one cohort per quarter!

What’s the duration of a cohort?

8 weeks

I don’t need your money. Can I attend the gC cohort and demo day?

Unfortunately, nope :(

I really want to focus on building my company. Will the engagement be more than a couple of hours per week?

No, we promise.


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