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Feeling hesitant? Here are the most common questions we get about us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I just landed on your website and didn't understand a thing. Who are you guys and what exactly do you do?

We invest $25,000 in select start-ups for reasonable equity. We support start-ups through our 8-week long intensive program and work along side them throughout the year. Moreover, we help you get follow-on funding as well! question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

I got to know about a cohort hosted by you. What exactly is a cohort? What's the application process like? What is the application deadline?

During the 8-week long intensive program, our cohort of 10+ startups get to meet CXOs of formidable businesses, operators of great products, investors and other startups. These people will essentially drive success for our cohort. Once you become a part of this cohort, the cohort itself becomes a support system for your startup. To be considered for our next cohort, you can apply by clicking on the "Apply" button. We beed you to fill the form to help us better understand you and your product/ service. We don't have an application deadline. We accept applications throughout the year. Although, the sooner you apply, the more time we get to spend with you and your application.

My startup needs money and I need an incentive to apply for the cohort. Do you guys really provide funding or just mentorship and stuff to help you get the funding?

All startups selected as part of our cohort will get a $25,000 cheque (in addition to a lot more in credits!) from gradCapital. No questions asked. We also ensure that your pitch is sound enough to receive an investor's attention for follow-on funding.

How does the timeline and structure of the program look like?

Once we select a startup, we will call them to our program, which starts from August '21 and runs for 8 weeks. Along with the $25k funding, we will help you break down your idea into an understandable and actionable format. You get to meet founders, CXOs during chat sessions. You will get the most brutal advice and best-in-class mentorship from our team. On the last day (Demo day) of the program, startups will get a chance to present their vision to a crowd of top investors to raise their next round. Once the Program is over, your startup will be a part of our global community of exceptional leaders.


We've already been working on our startup for a while. Is gradCapital appropriate for us?

There's only one prerequisite, you need to be a student or a recent graduate from college or school. Ideally, we prefer giving the first check - but all applications are welcome.

Only one of us is a student. Are we eligible?

Yes, provided the founder has > 10% share in the company.

We graduated from college a couple of years ago. Are we eligible?

Yes, provided you graduated not more than 2 years ago.

We've already raised funding. Are we still eligible to apply?

Yes, any startup is open to apply to our cohort

We don't really need funding for now. Does it still make sense to apply?

gradCapital is more than just the $25,000 cheque. We are not about just holding equity in your company. We provide you with resources to be successful. You can speak to any of us to understand more.

I have a great idea for a startup, but I don't understand tech much. Will you still fund me?

Yes, we are open to all kinds of founders. There have been many instances where founders do not have a conventional tech-degree. With no-code tools in addition to learning material, we don't think your college major would matter as much.

If we've already applied for an accelerator programme or planning to apply in another accelerator, can we still apply here?

Yes, gradCapital is open to all startups irrespective of your application to other accelerator programs; the only condition is that the selected startup has to attend our cohort.

We are working on a non-profit business idea. Can non-profits participate in this programme?

No, non-profits are not eligible to apply to our cohort yet. We'll see if we can support them in the future.

Will you help multiple startups working on the same/ similar idea?

Yes, we will.

I have a co-founder. Can we both attend? What if there are three or four of us?

The whole founding team has to attend. Provided these founders have > 10% share in the company.


What do you look for in founders?

We look at 3 things: the founders' hustle, their market understanding, and the product they want to build (and its effect on the world). We believe founders are out there writing exceptional stories. And hence, our primary criteria will be around your grit, vision and understanding of things.

What is the selection process? How can I improve my chances of getting selected?

Applying to gradCapital is very straightforward. Visit our website and fill in the application form about your startup and the founders. After you've sent the application, you wait! If your application is selected you will be invited to an interview round for further discussion. Decisions will be given after interview rounds. The best way to increase your chances, is to be honest, clear and concise in your application form.

I made a mistake while filling my applicaton. How can I change answers in my application?

Send us an email with the required corrections at


What is your investment philosophy? Do you specially look out for startups in certain areas?

We don't have a preference for particular markets. We genuinely feel the stories about our future should be in the control of entrepreneurs than our market thesis.

How much scam money would you ask us in the name of fees and hidden costs?

No fees and/ or hidden costs, we promise.

Can I drop by your office to say hello?

We are operating from our homes at the moment. But yes, you can drop by. Please mail us at to check our availibility.