Who all are eligible?

School students, college students, dropouts, graduates (< 3 years after graduation), and PhD students!

My company is not registered. Can I still apply?


I have already raised some money from angels/ accelerators. Am I eligible?


Can I apply more than once?

Yes, you can apply for every batch.

Can I apply after the deadline?

Yes, you can. Although, there's a high chance we may consider your application for the next batch.

Should I get a referral or apply through the form?

We take all applications with the same level of seriousness - whether it's from our application form or from any Venture Partner/Associate referral.

I made a mistake while filling my application. How should I go about rectifying it?

You can email us at hey@gradcapital.in.

I am a single founder. Does it reduce my chances of getting shortlisted?

It's all about the quality, not quantity.

How much do you invest in a follow-on round?

We invest up to $150k with a cap at 10% of the total follow-on round. We don't lead your follow-on round.

What's your cohort about?

→ Keynote sessions with CXOs → 1-1s with biz/product/tech leaders and investors → $1M+ worth of tech credits

Do you take a cohort fees?

Yes, we take $3,000 . It'll get deducted from the investment amount. We charge this fee to take your cohort experience to the next level.

Still have some questions?

Write to us at hey@gradcapital.in.